Menstration During Chemo: My Experience, so far

Pass on this if the subject makes you squeamish. I’m going to try to be as honest as possible, but not too graphic.

My menstration cycle stopped after I started chemo, and I was told it probably wouldn’t return. What a blessing to not deal with that and everything else. However, I also read on several sites that chemo sometimes pushes a woman into menopause. So while I celebrated a possible wave goodbye to Aunt Flo, I wasn’t looking forward to the side effects of menopause. Hot flashes and all.

From August to October I was without a period. Great! Those were my worst months. My husband was bathing, dressing, and caring for my every need. I’m so glad he didn’t have to help me take care of a bloody period too.

Then I started to feel better, and in November Aunt Flo paid me a normal visit.

My oncologist was thrilled. He read a study that indicated good things for those who return to a normal monthly flow. So I held my breath and waited for December.

Aunt Flo returned, but she was clotty and weird. I wondered if the treatments weren’t working as well. However, two weeks later my test results were beautiful. A 50% shrinkage beautiful.

I held my breath again and waited for January.

It returned about 8 days early, but it was my beautiful normal Aunt Flo. (waving to Flo—hey there gorgeous)

Now I no longer gripe and grumble about this monthly female bane. I’m thrilled to greet her. I love the sound of my sanitary package as it opens. It kind of reminds me of thousands of fall leaves skittering across the road. (kinda—yeah, kinda like that) But mostly, it reminds me that my body is acting normal.

Pre-cancer normal, and I need every pre-cancer normal I can get. It means I’m young. I am healthy. I have the best chance of beating the average.

So ladies—love your Flo. She is a good indicator of your health. Men, love your ladies Flo too. A good normal Flo means you can love your lady longer.

Celebrate your cycle. Hugs to you all!


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